EVS-Poland project in Ocalenie Foundation

Intercultural dialogue

Hosting organisation: Ocalenie Foudnation

Project starts: August 15th 2016

Project ends: May 14th 2017

Deadline: 30/06/2016


Free psychological help for foreigners

Ocalenie Foundation offers psychological counselling, therapy and consultation conducted in a safe, respectful and confidential environment.


Integration Housing Program

Ocalenie Foundation calls for support for Integration Housing Program.

The current refugee crisis is not only political and economic issue, but above all a test of human solidarity. In these dramatic moments, fleeing the nightmare of war, the Syrians turn to us for help.

Recruitment for Polish Language Course

New recruitment for Polish Language Course at Ocalenie Foundation will take a place in our headquarters at Koszykowa 24/1 between 7th  and 9th of September (each day from 8 am to 7pm). Personal registration is a mandatory condition for new students to start classes. Please bring  documents which proves your legal status in Poland. If

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Welcome to our new website

Welcome to our new website. We are still working on it and more things will appear soon. We hope you will like it.


Volunteers needed

We are looking for volunteers who would like to teach Polish as a foreign language.

More information in Polish.