School kits Lodz

School kits (in the form of gift cards) – application form for parents/guardians from Łódź and its neighborhood.

For Whom are the School Kits for?

School Starter Kits may be used by parents / guardians of children who meet all of the following conditions

  • are staying in Poland on the basis of the granted refugee status, subsidiary protection or political asylum, have a humanitarian or acceptable stay (have a residence card) or are in the process of granting international protection (have a Temporary Foreigner’s Identity Certificate -in Polish TZTC ), entered Poland after 24 February from Ukraine (hold PESEL UKR or a certificate confirming entitlement to temporary protection)
  • in September 2023 they will be attending grades 1-8 of primary school or any class of secondary school in Łódź and its neighborhood.

The form will be active on 21-31/08/2023. 

Please note:

  • Please fill in the address information (your place of residence, name and the address of the school) in Polish.
  • Please fill in the personal data (yours and the childrens’) according to the ID document issued in Poland.  

Completing the form does not guarantee that you will receive the kits.


Personal data of the parent/guardian completing the form:

Residence address in Poland:

Residence status:
Attention! The status will be checked when collecting the school layettes. Persons staying in Poland on a basis other than those listed below will not receive the school layettes.

Type of documents Mrs/Mr use in Poland:

What language do you communicate effectively?
Please select all languages in which you are able to communicate with understanding, both orally and in writing:

Number of children in need of school layettes:
Attention! Only children who will be in primary or secondary school in the coming school year. We do not prepare layettes for nurseries, kindergardens and 0 grade.