Recruitment to the Welcome Home Program (Witaj w domu) – integration and housing assistance for refugees from Warsaw and surrounding areas (free places in the program for 3 families)

[:pl]The Ocalenie Foundation informs that due to the great interest in participating in the  “Welcome home” program, the recruitment to program is extended to 13.10.2017


The Ocalenie Foundation invites refugees from Warsaw and the surrounding area to apply to the Welcome Home (Witaj w domu) Program.



The Welcome Home Program is designed for people in distress who have received refugee status, subsidiary protection, tolerated stay or stay for humanitarian reasons in Poland. Support in the program includes:

– housing support (rent of apartments substantially below market prices)

– support in adaptation to independent living in Poland (help in solving everyday problems, handling of official affairs, etc.)

– Polish language classes

– specialist help: legal, psychological, psychotherapy,

– support in searching  for job.

Program duration for one person or family: 2 – 3 years.

The condition for using housing support is to participate in other forms of assistance in accordance with a mutually agreed individual support plan (eg Polish language education, assistance  in searching for, psychological help, workshops, etc.).



The current recruitment takes place from 26th September to 6th October 2017.

At this moment, the Welcome to Home program is exclusively for those who meet all four requirements:

1) currently living in the city of Warsaw and counties bordering Warsaw (Legionowo, Wołomin, Minsk, Otwock, Piaseczno, Pruszkowski, Warszawski Zachodni).

2) holders of refugee status in Poland, supplementary protection, tolerated stay or stay for humanitarian purposes,

3) difficult housing and financial situation,

4) living in families where at least one person can work and try to find and maintain employment.


To sign up for the program:

1) Arrange for a specific term to complete the application form (application form) at the Foreigners Help Center  by calling: 22 828 04 50.

2) Arrive at the agreed date to the Foreigners Help Center at ul. Krucza 6 / 14a in Warsaw.

3) Bring (only to show) on the day of completing the application documents confirming obtaining refugee status, subsidiary protection, tolerated stay or stay for humanitarian reasons in Poland (residence card with the appropriate endorsement or official decision).

4) Fill in with the employee of the Foundation an application and submit signed application to the Foundation on 26th September to 6th October 2017.

We do not accept applications from plenipotentiaries – the application must be submitted in person.

If you do not speak any of the following languages, call us the first time or come with the support of a trusted person who can help you as a translator in your first meeting.

We speak the following languages: English, Arabic, Chechen, French, Georgian, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Vietnamese.



Recruitment will consist of the following steps:

1) accepting applications for the program 26th September to 6th October 2017

2) analysis and evaluation of submitted applications and selection of applications meeting the recruitment criteria: 9-13 October 2017.

3) house visits to places of residence of persons who have met recruitment criteria (1-3): 16-20 October 2017.

4) committee decisions on the invitation to participate in the program and the signing of social contracts and lease agreements for premises: 23 – 31 October 2017.

In the case of a large number of applications, recruitment timetable  may be changed.

Due to the limited number of apartments currently available in the program, only 3 families will be eligible for support in the current recruitment.

The invitation to the program will be determined by results of estimation of the application and the availability of flats in the program meeting the needs of families (eg if the largest number of points would be received by a large family in need of a minimum of three-room apartment but such flat will not be available in the program then  this family would be placed on the reserve list  – waiting for the availability of a suitable apartment.

The decision of the recruitment committee is final and no appeal procedure is envisaged. In case of rejection of the application it is possible to apply for further recruitment.

Families that will qualify for the program, but there will be not enough housing for them, will be placed on the reserve list waiting for housing support. These families may be offered other (than housing) forms of help: Polish language, psychological help, help In searching for work, etc. After acquiring additional flats they will be offered to the families from reserve list according to the order of the points awarded and the parameters of flats (matching to the needs).








The program is funded by donations from individuals and institutions.

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